Shadows over Eternia

The Fall of Snake Mountain
Skeletor Betrayed!

Battling their way to the peak of Snake Mountain, He-man and his trusty allies finally come face-to-face with their longtime foes, Skeletor and his evil minions.

HE-MAN: “Its over Skeletor, your warriors are no match for the might of Greyskull! We’ve tracked the darkness that plagues the land to Snake Mountain. End whatever machinations of evil you are planning and return Eternia to peace and prosperity!”

Holding aloft a green stone glowing with power, Skeletor mocks his opponent:

SKELETOR: “You are a fool to come to my lair this time, He-Man! For this time I do not fight alone. My research into the darker dimensions have gained me an ally, an ally who has given me access to untold power! Now that the summoning rituals are complete, with the help of the Chronostone and my new Ally I will finally defeat you and your pathetic friends!”

Skeletor waves his staff over the green stone and the ground starts to shake. A portal glowing with dark energy appears next to Skeletor and a figure dressed in yellow robes appears inside. What little can be seen of its emaciated face is covered in rotting bandages and in its hand is an identical green stone to Skeletor’s. He-man’s allies involuntarily shudder at the unrelenting waves of evil emanating from the dark figure.

SKELETOR: “Now my ally, strike down these fools and give me the power to take over all of Eternia, as you promised!”

The Yellow Man’s dark grating voice grinds across the great hall, like gravel crushed under the weight of a rolling Attack-Trak.

YELLOW MAN: “You are a fool to trust so easily in the promise of Power, Skeletor! He Who Shall Not Be Named shall be the new Lord of Eternia! You will suffer along with all the rest of the pathetic peoples of this dimension! Mwa’gla Yog’sothoth Polr’wquifwi Kath’oom!”

And with that, the figure floats through the portal, holds up a golden staff, and a beam of crackling white energy strikes Skeletor in the chest, throwing him backward with such force that his throne is shattered when his body slams against it. The green stone Skeletor held lifts from the floor and floats slowly toward the yellow figure. The shaking in the room becomes eminently more violent and some of the warriors lose their footing and fall prone. Stratos takes to the air and flies toward this new enemy.

STRATOS: “Your tricks won’t help you against the noble warriors of Avion, fiend!”

The Yellow Man points his finger into the air, and a black beam of energy leaps forth to strike the flying Avionian. Before their eyes, the warriors see Stratos’s body become wracked with agonizing pain, as it ages and decays in such a rapid fashion that only a pile of bones and lumps of dessicated flesh strike the ground next to the yellow wizard. The Man in Yellow pockets his green stone and holds out his claw of a hand as Skeletor’s stone settles into it. As they are forced to contemplate the horrors this creature has in store for them, all the warriors in the room good and evil are stunned in the aura of the floating Yellow Figure. All warriors, that is, except one.

RAM-MAN: “Durrr, I’ll stop him He-Man!”

Ram-Man springs forward with his mighty head, and smashes into the Yellow-Man’s outstretched claw, still clutching the glowing stone. An explosion erupts from the creature’s hand, shattering both the stone and Ram-Man’s stout body. Shards of glistening crystal and entrails rain down around the hall as a pulsating ball of energy appears where the stone once was.

YELLOW MAN: “No, You fools!”

The Yellow Man waves his staff and disappears from the room in a puff of sickly green smoke. The pulsing orb grows larger and larger and rocks fall from the ceiling and crush some of Skeletor’s robot henchmen. Suddenly a bright burst of green energy from the orb envelopes the warriors, as the mountain fortress falls down around them…



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