A great darkness has swept over Eternia as of late. Whisperings of insane soothsayers elude to the return of some great evil, of dreams of a great unbinding on the horizon that will unravel all of civilization. Cults of strange alien gods recently emerged from the dark places, slaughtering and pillaging villages about Eternia at random, seemingly without fear of reprisal from Good King Randor or his mighty warrior, He-man. For their part, the attacks have overwhelmed the warriors of the palace and He-man and his friends have spent weeks attempting to squash these cults, only to find that for every depraved group of brigands they destroy, two more spring up in their place.

Now, a storm seemingly without end shakes the Palace and surrounding countryside, and far off in the distance can be seen a dark vortex of magic and thunder high in the sky, swirling with a malicious intent and coalescing over a known cursed temple of the dark powers. Finally, a place to get answers and with any luck, to stop this tirade of chaos…

Snake Mountain.


Shadows over Eternia